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Rainbow Road
Appearances Mario Kart 64 (original)
Cups it appears in Special Cup (N64)
Laps 3

About Rainbow Road Edit

Rainbow Road is the last course of the Special Cup, and the last course of Mario Kart 64 overall. It is based on the Rainbow Road course of Super Mario Kart.

Hazards Edit

Unlike most other Rainbow Roads, this one does not really feature a running-off road problem, as the course has railings all around it. However, its main hazard are the Chain-Chomps that move about the course. They act as bombs on impact, knocking drivers in the air.

Features (Sight-Seeing) Edit

This course's main feature is its unique rainbow-colored road (hence the name). It also features neon signs of all 8 playable characters of Mario Kart 64.

Run-through and Music Edit

thumb|300px|right|Music played on Rainbow Road (N64) thumb|300px|left|a run through of Rainbow Road (N64)

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Trivia Edit

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